Daily excursions to nearby islands: Mykonos, Santorini, Delos, Naxos.

IsolaThe island of Paros is the center of the Cyclades. Enjoy it to go for a day trip to neighboring islands!

Cultural and entertaining, happiness will always be there!

Here’s the program:

The Turn of Anti Paros with kaiki, the traditional fishing boat, with lots of swimming and a barbecue on the beach

Discover the legendary Santorini;

Delos, the island of the God Apollo wich is now one unique archaeological site in the world, followed by Mykonos;

Archipelago in the heart of the archipelago, the Little Cycladies have the sea of the film “The Big Blue”. Visit of Iraklia and Koufounissi, or a trip on a sailing boat, you will come back happy!

Do not forget Naxos and its wonderfull beaches.

If you are interested, we will inform you during your stay!