Aliki, Paros Island - Greece

Focus on Paros

Monastero - Paros. Monastère Paros - Paros MonasteryThe island of Paros has some very interesting religious architecture such as the so-called “Church of the hundred doors”, the beautiful Panagia Ekatodapiliania. Several monasteries and ancient towns like Parkia can be highly interesting to visit, you can also enjoy some enchanting, typically Greek fisherman ports like Naussa. For Nature lovers, you can visit a splendid valley with a lush garden where millions of butterflies come to mate every year…

b&b paros,grèceIn Paros you can practice any water sports, like snorkeling or diving. Classes with certified teachers are available if you are interested. Beaches like Chryssi Akti, Nea Chryssi Akti, Santa Maria and Pounda are perfect for windsurfing, in fact every year famous races take place there.
Paros also offers wonderful hikes and horseback riding paths, both on the coast and in the mountains.

We will be happy to provide you with any further information, as we want you to take advantage as much as possible of all the resources this wonderful island has to offer.

Naussa - ParosGreece and the Cycladic islands

In ancient times, the Cycladic islands formed a circle (“kyklos”) around the sacred Sanctuary of Delos. Hundreds of islands Parospopulate this side of the Aegean Sea, situated between the mainland and Crete. The Cycladic islands are known for their beauty, their luminous beaches and their world famous towns with white houses. One moment you are on the beach and the next you are climbing up a mountain. Volcanic eruption is what gave some islands their special and astonishing landscapes that are hardly to be seen anywhere else in the world.

alloggio grecia parosNowadays, the Cycladic islands are a tourist attraction for people who love art and archeology, but also for those who like nature and hiking and backhorse riding. Of course, anybody who likes water sports will be thrilled to practice them in such clear crystal waters!
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