Aliki, Paros Island - Greece

Foot reflexology

room to let paros, greeceAncient technique used for millennia in Asia and Egypt, reflexology is a massage of reflex zones located under feet. These areas reflect the entire body. With specific techniques and pressure, this massage consists to stimulate the corresponding organs by releasing energy blockages. Beside to treat some dysfunctions, reflexology is very effective against stress and fatigue. This preventive technique is great to maintain health and wellness.

Muriel is formed by the French Institute of Reflexology in Paris and graduated from the same institute in Comfort Foot Reflexology.

I suggest you two types of reflexology:

The Soft Foot Reflexology

The Soft Foot Reflexology is a overall technic, completely painless. This method differs from other forms of réflexology by the quality and the  finesse of its touch. It consists of stroking and gentle pressures and precises and light palpations. The practitioner’s touch acts on the nervous system of the receiver. The result for the receiver is a state of deep relaxation that promotes natural capacity for self-healing of the body and allows the body to release itself of accumulated tension.

Session time: 1 hour

Chinese reflexology or energetic foot massage

This ancient science meets the laws of yin / yang and the five principles. Chinese reflexology is based on the concept of energy channels, which is the central point. Vital energy is channeled along various lines throughout the body. When Chi or vital energy pathways in the body are blocked, it prevent the body from functioning normally.  Chinese reflexology helps to unblock these pathways by eliminating the toxins from the body and improving circulation. This restores the balance between yin and yang forces, which in turn encourages healing and strengthens the body.

Session time: 1 hour

 Offers for guests of Agrikia: 

Offer for a session at your choice: 40 euro instead of 50 euro

Offer for 3 sessions at your choice ” for optimal relaxation”: 110 euro. Offer for one person.

Price for persons outside of Agrikia:

50 euro