Aliki, Paros Island - Greece


StradaTo live different holidays in Paros, heart of the Cyclades, Greece

Are you interested by a stay on a beautiful island where, beside a sky and a sea always blue, you can try the relaxing benefits of massages and develop your creativity?

This year, Agrikia change and propose you to discover the photography and the relaxation with plantar reflexology.

This year breakfast is served in our garden every morning (except Sunday, day off) from 8:30 to 10:30. On Sundays you can enjoy breakfast in the many cafes and restaurants on the seafront, just 300 meters from us.

Foot massages on ParosFoot massages on Paros

Muriel offers a session of foot massages (South African Reflexology).

This soft massage is played on specific areas of the foot.

It uses a mapping of the major organs and body system. These areas called “reflexes” are stimulated by a subtle touch, light and smooth.

Very nice to receive this treatment provides deep relaxation allowing the body to release accumulated tension in our daily.

IsolaDaily excursions to nearby islands: Mykonos, Santorini, Delos, Naxos

The island of Paros is the center of the Cyclades. Enjoy it to go for a day trip to neighboring islands!

Cultural and entertaining, happiness will always be there!

Here’s the program:

The Turn of Anti Paros with kaiki, the traditional fishing boat, with lots of swimming and a barbecue on the beach. Discover the legendary SantoriniDelos, the island of the God Apollo wich is now one unique archaeological site in the world, followed by Mykonos; in the heart of the archipelago, the Little Cycladies have the sea of the film “The Big Blue”. Visit of Iraklia and Koufounissi, or a trip on a sailing boat, you will come back happy!

Do not forget Naxos and its wonderfull beaches.

If you are interested, we will inform you during your stay!

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